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If you are like a lot of other sellers on Amazon, you may be checking your product page from time to time, wondering if the ranking to go up. Every seller who is on Amazon wants one thing: to be included among the best and high ranking products on Amazon. When you are at the top, you get more traffic, a lot more sales, and an excellent reputation. To ensure that you are one of the best sellers on Amazon, you have to make sure that you maintain an excellent sales rank.

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

In layman’s terms, Amazon Sales Rank (or Best Seller Rank [BSR]) helps the seller to know the performance in terms of sales for a particular product in a particular category. Each product on Amazon has a sales ranking wherein the ones that have lower numbers are the ones that make more profit. An example is a product that has been ranked #1 will technically be known as the top and best seller. On the other hand, a product that has been ranked #35,000 will have lower profits and traffic. It is the aim of any Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) seller to be able to source products that are high-ranking, buy the products at the lowest price possible, and sell them at a high price for profit.

The current rank of a product can indicate how well it will typically sell to the public, but it is also a good thing to take note of the average rank it gets. The rank may be influenced as well by seasons and trends. The rank of a product is typically a glance at the recent sales activity surrounding it, and it doesn’t necessarily indicate its future or historical sales performance. Another thing to take note of is that ranking has a big difference between categories. An example is that in categories like home and kitchen will have tens of thousands of products, so the rankings will be different from a smaller category that only has hundreds of products. A product’s rank can also be affected by just a single sale if it has very low or rare sales.

You can find the rank for a particular product in different ways. The most straightforward way is by checking the product detail page on Amazon. In order to do this, you have to enter the name of the product into the search bar and this will take you to the product page. As you scroll down, there will be a section named “Product Details,” and this highlights the composition and technical aspects of a certain product. At the bottom of this part, you will find “Amazon Bestsellers Rank” plus a number and that number is the current sales rank of the product. It likely will have a main category ranking and subcategory rankings.

Another way of checking your product’s sales rank is through the Amazon seller app. It is a valuable tool to have as it helps you find a particular product’s sales rank so that you can make a decision when selling that specific type of product. The app shows the current and historical rank to check how well it has sold, and also make an estimate as to how well it may sell in the near future.

How does sales activity affect a product’s ranking?

Here are some rules for checking the number as it changes typically hourly or more:

Numbers that are higher than 1 million generally show that the product has not made a sale for some time.

The time since somebody bought the product may be as short as a week ago, or as long as it has been on Amazon. The higher the million in the ranking, the longer it hasn’t been bought by a customer. An example is that a product with a rank of 1 million or so may have only had one sale on Amazon ever, and those that are in the 200k ranks may have had better and numerous sales, but the last time people bought them may have been months or even years ago.

On the same day that somebody buys your product, the ranking will immediately go up to the 100,000-200,000 range.

If a customer buys your product, it will immediately have a better ranking. However, if the next day your item doesn’t sell, it will slide back into the 300,000-500,000 ranks the next day. In the following days, the ranking may slide down further. You can conclude that your product is selling at least an item a day if the ranking of the product stays between the ranges of 100,000 to 200,000 for most categories.

Another sale on the same day can further let your product have a ranking with five digits.

If another customer purchases your product on the same day (making it two for the day), your product ranking may further climb up to the 5-digit area. The ranking will then start updating by the hour, so you can check if the rank stays at that height all throughout the day up to the next day. If yes, then your product continues to sell. As more customers buy your product, the ranking number continues to go lower and lower.

How do you use this knowledge to your advantage?

Remember that Amazon sales rank continually change. This task needs consistent updating and reviewing. Learning how to do this will be beneficial to you. However, it also doesn’t hurt to get extra help to boost your profit capabilities further. Amazon Management is the key to this.

When your Amazon conversion rate optimization is molded to fit your needs, your Amazon sales will also increase. The rank on Amazon is not meaningful if you don’t have the right formula for the Amazon conversion rate optimization. Social media, images, sales psychology, outside source product listings, and sales velocity are all critical for your product’s success. Amazon dramatically rewards those who are consistent.

Sales Psychology

Sales psychology plays a significant role in Amazon BSR. You have to make sure that a substantial percentage of the people who visit your page are converted to buy your product. Reverse engineering is vital here. As they have already made the first move of searching for your product, then clicking on your listing, you now have to persuade to buy it. Persuasion is easy to learn: you have to understand your target audience and tell them what they want to hear.

You have to make use of detailed descriptions, phrases, keywords, and you have to make sure to capitalize on the solution that you have given for that “need” they seek to fulfill. By tailoring it to your target customers, they will be pushed by a need to make a decision right away to buy your product and not from other sellers.

Keep in mind that the title of your product is also essential. Search terms that are well-chosen can increase the sales and product visibility. You might be surprised as to how a product detail page can become more visible just by adding one search term that is compelling and relevant.

Utilize Social Media

You may not believe it, but social media plays a significant role in boosting your product’s BSR. It helps your product be more visible in the online world. In America, 79% of shoppers buy products online, and 20% of online shoppers have a high tendency to purchase products through Facebook. Instagram is another platform you can use where 21% of those who shop online follow brands on Instagram. This means if they follow your brand, there is a significant chance that they will also buy your products. Then, if they like the product, they will create reviews which help boost Amazon SEO.

Amazon SEO is another critical factor that helps with your product’s BSR. In order to have a big following on social media, social media presence is a must, as well as paid advertisements. These ads will help boost the number of followers, which will ultimately lead to more organic traffic. You can analyze the data you get offer coupon codes and discounts to further reel in your customers.

Communication Channels

Aside from social media, you also have to make use of different communication channels to ensure that your products are always getting movement. This includes paid advertisements, follow-up emails, and consistent coupons and promotions. Email is still a powerful selling tool and something you should always be doing well. Sending custom messages, reminders to finish checking out, or giving out of discounts to get them again are right for your BSR. You inspire repeat transactions or businesses if you email your customers and give one-time or time-sensitive coupons. Even reminders that their favorite items are already “low in stock” are helpful. This is the part that being creative helps you. Remember that customers need an extra push in order to close the deal sometimes. Think of ways where they are unable to say no to your offer. The more that they see that your product is visible, they will be more persuaded to buy your product. Product inserts also come in handy as they increase positive reviews and reduce claims of inauthenticity.

Product Reviews

Reviews of your product directly have an influence on BSR as they have a significant impact on conversion rates. Better product reviews boost sales, which then lead to a better BSR. One way to increase the number of reviews for your product is by actively running campaigns. If you have shopping campaigns on Google, it will continue showing your product, title, price, store name, and a lot more. SEO on Google products is also a good avenue that will boost your visibility. Keyword optimization is relevant here when you have a listing. You want to let search engines pick up the page of your product and put in above the list before your competitors.

It may take a bit of effort, time, and money to do all these, but it will undoubtedly be worth your while when you see your product having better rankings. Better rankings mean better sales that lead to better profits!

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