By Freedom Shark | May 27, 2018 | Amazon 

Amazon has fully implemented its Brand Registry program. The Brand Registry 2.0 version that lets you have even more control over your products and listings.  With Brand Registry 2.0, now you have the ability to create and customize your own Amazon Store, an amazing new feature that continues to cater towards legitimate brands online.

Amazon Stores: What is it?

Amazon Store is a self-service product offered by Amazon for free that allows brand registered companies to create single or multi-page stores. With Amazon Stores, you have the power to showcase your brand value and product selection.

Check out the Amazon Basics storefront below and imagine your own products listed in this beautiful fashion enticing customers to browse only your products!

This is how your Amazon Store could look…

Key Features

  • A unique Amazon web address for your brand (
  • Multiple pages showcasing your product catalog
  • Free mobile and desktop layout and templates
  • Receive traffic from Amazon search and detail pages


I’m Brand Registered, So How Do I Get Set Up?

  1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central Account.

2. Click Storefronts> Manage Stores.

3. Assuming that you are enrolled to Brand Registry program, you’ll see a Create Store button. Otherwise, a Register a Brand button. Note that registered brand owners are the only ones eligible for creating stores.

4. Proceed to Store setup page, for registered brands.

5. Add your Brand’s Logo and select your desired page template.

  • Marquee- allows you to promote a multiple product lines with large images and stories about your products.
  • Highlight- showcases your top-selling product line or flagship with a large image or video.
  • Product Grid- Display a large number of related products in your catalog.
  • Blank- be creative and customize your own store page.
  • Access and edit your page via the Amazon Store Builder.

Unleash the Power Of The Amazon Store Builder Page

The Amazon Store Builder page allows you to manage your own page easily. It consists of four parts that are easy to understand and easy to navigate.

  • Status- Learn any error messages and the current status of your Amazon store whether it is Not Submitted, In Progress, Approved, or Failed.
  • Page Manager- Create, select, move, and delete pages at ease.
  • Preview Window- Check and review your page with its Live View feature and edit any tile instantly.
  • Tile Manager- Review your product, text, video, and image tiles and opt to add, edit, move, and edit tiles anytime.

Once you are convinced with the look of your own Amazon Store, you can readily submit it for publishing. Wait for few days for the approval of your page and while on the moderation process, edit your page at your own convenience. You can follow this thorough Amazon Store Technical Guide for a faster and easier approval.

You may also download and review this Amazon Store User Guide for more detailed instructions on how to build your own Amazon Store page.

What’s In It for Sellers?

Since the introduction of Amazon’s Brand Registry program, and now with the Amazon’s newest 2.0 version, it’s undeniable that Amazon has been working hard to improve its website’s interface to provide a smoother and one of a kind shopping experience for its growing number of clients. Now, Amazon’s focus is not just on its customers but it also turned its head towards its loyal and potential sellers, providing more security and protection to brands, as well as setting up a more easy-to-manage Amazon stores. It’s also a means of increasing traffic while making shopping more enjoyable to customers. Amazon has been improving its shopping space as competitors are continuously growing. Providing an effortless and convenient way of shopping has always been the top priority of Amazon.

Today, instead of giving you a long list of products, Amazon keyword search would lead customers to a more aesthetically designed and a more visually appealing Amazon Store page, with a list of the top and most popular brands. This is an implication that Amazon is highlighting brands and sellers that are consistent with performance with substantial positive feedback from consumers.

It’s a proof that enrollment to Amazon’s Brand Registry program is not a waste considering the benefits it offers. The brand protection, brand support, optimization of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content and now, the setting up of a customized Amazon Stores, are just a few to mention. Not to forget, you now have your own Amazon web address.

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