By Freedom Shark | June 13, 2018 | Amazon 

In every business, it is inevitable that someone will dislike your products or services, no matter how excellent it is for the majority of your consumers. This is all normal as different people have different preferences. In this article, you will learn more about how you can make the most out of a bad review.

Regardless of the nature of the review, never panic.

Of course, it is natural for you to be disappointed when someone says something negative about what you are selling. However, this does not mean that it is the end for you and your business when this happens. Also, you need to take care of the poor review as soon as possible because this will make or break your business in the long run. If you go in a state of panic, chances are you will eventually make a lot of wrong decisions that can further impact the future of your business. No one wants that to happen to their business, but it is a part of every product and every business.

If the review is placed on a third party platform like Amazon, you may try to contact their support team to see if they can remove the negative review for you. Follow their advised steps and see how it goes from there. In any case, never attempt to pursue the negative reviewer for that unpleasant review if it proves to be objective and truthful at the same time. This will just waste your time and frustrate them even further. At the same time, this can bring forth bad publicity for your brand if you are trying to manipulate reviews. Of course, many of us know that on Amazon, this is against their TOS.

Closely listen to what your customers have to tell you.

It is one thing for you to check out all the product reviews and to respond to each of them. Moreover, it is an even entirely different thing for you to modify or completely change your business model and start over from scratch.

To know what course of action to take between these two, check out all the types of reviews that you see on the platform where your product listing is. Is there any specific pattern that emerges from these? Are there too many negative reviews or just some here and there? Whatever the case may be, intently listen to what your customers are saying, even if they seem too harsh to your liking. Are they making a good point on the negative feedback or is their claim really not relevant? By keeping this feedback in mind, you can make minor adjustments and/or improve upon your product to improve reviews over time. 

Flood the negative reviews with a lot of positive ones.

Getting tons of positive reviews will eventually help because for most types of platforms, the overall star rating will be the main basis of how you are doing with your business. Moreover, only the average star rating will matter for quick shoppers – but the goal should always be to have a high-quality product with high review counts. Also, consider that no one will bother reading through every single review if there are hundreds of them! If it is just one negative review against 50 other positive reviews, it may not impact your sales overall. Your product will still appear pleasing to the eyes of your customers.

Directly respond to any bad review that you come across.

Once you determine that there is a bad review in the midst of the positive ones, respond to it as soon as possible. In fact, respond to them all of them, all the time! This is actually a good opportunity for you to defend your brand and to prove your integrity in the eyes of your consumers. Just make sure that when you are responding to these reviews, you will sound objective and level-headed. Never, ever consider picking a fight with a customer who gave you a negative review. Chances are they will retaliate and will just make things worse for both parties.

To up your game for a bit, you may also consider contacting the negative reviewer.

This is a difficult course of action to take, but it will somewhat help fix the misunderstanding between both parties. Reach out to them and ask how the product or service can be made better for them. By doing so, you will not only have tips on how to move forward with your product development but you will also have the chance to directly fix the negative review if the reviewer decides to retract the unwanted feedback.

The best course of action that you can take if ever your business gets one or more negative reviews is to come up with a plan to overcome it sooner or later. With the right approach, you will see that these negative reviews only have a temporary effect on your business. This is the case as long as you take the necessary measures to ensure that the negative reviews are taken care of through the techniques mentioned above.

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