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Amazon is one of the best platforms to improve your sales without going overboard with the expenses and the unnecessary extra work. However, this platform is already gaining a lot of attention. In fact, there are a lot of sellers who are very interested to embark in the journey of selling internationally through this site. They also have a lot of products and service to offer their potential customers. In this article, you will learn more about how you can stand out in the market so the customers will first consider buying from your Amazon store instead of your competitors’ stores. The process seems simple but it is not necessarily easy. However, this is definitely doable if you put in the necessary hours to master the craft.

Look for your target market.

Contrary to popular belief, designing a product before you even know who will buy them will most likely not work, except of course if you have already determined that a group of people will already purchase the product once it is released in the market.

First, determine if there is a gap or a need that you can fill with a specific product or service that has not been known in the market yet – or at least something that the general public is not yet aware by now.

For example, there is an increasing number of people who are complaining about the footwear they use every time they go out for a jog. They seem to cause pain to their feet every time they are done exercising.

Based on this main concern, probe the problem more to see if you can find more specific reasons that they find their footwear problematic. If by chance, you discovered that they have problems with their jogging footwear because these have flat soles, you can work around this problem to have it solved through the product that you will develop or obtain from your suppliers.

In this scenario, your target market is the group joggers. You may even make the target market more specific by using guidelines such as the following below:

  • How old are the people whom I want to cater to?
  • Are these professionals? What are their occupations?
  • Are they still studying?
  • Where are they living?
  • What is their general lifestyle?
  • Are these people males, females, or a combination of both?

From there, try to conceptualize a perfect product that can address the need to alleviate the pain related to footwear use. For instance, you can design or look for a set of footwear with curved soles to solve this problem. You may also ask your target market for their opinions through the use of online forms and surveys. The possibilities are endless, actually.

Develop or search for the right product that can help fill the needs of your target market.

Private label products are those that the suppliers already manufacture. However, these products need even more exposure for them to be recognized in the market. As an Amazon seller, you have to look for the suppliers who are very much willing to source out the product so you can eventually sell them out on the platform.

When the supplier agrees to your business plans they will work with you to customize their product and use your branding specifications. Once the product design and other logistic needs are finalized, you are then ready to stock up on the products and prepare them for posting and selling.

There are various types of suppliers that you can check out, may they be in the United States or overseas. Actually, the type of product that you are planning to sell out will somewhat dictate if you need to source your product locally or overseas.

Going back to the previous example, jogging footwear can be sourced either locally or internationally. You just have to determine the main design or shape of the footwear that you are planning to sell out. In this case, suppliers that produce products with flat soles are out of the list because they produce the type of footwear that your target market is complaining about in the first place.

Therefore, going for footwear with curved soles is your next best bet. Once you get a hold of the list of prospective suppliers, discuss specifications such as the main design of the footwear, the materials to be used, the lead time, and when the finalized products will be shipped out to you. It is also advisable to ask for “blueprints” of the products that include your logo so you can have an idea if your target market will buy the shoes or not. Also, allocate some funds for the production of prototypes for this matter. Not doing so will risk the products not selling well on Amazon.

Optimize the images that you will post on Amazon.

This is important because the product images are the ones that customers typically notice first when they shop for products online. If your image is blurry and not designed well, chances are your target market will think that you are not reliable and may consider buying what they want or need elsewhere. Here are some tips to get you started with the image design:

  • Never, ever ignore the technical image guidelines that Amazon provides. In other words, not adhering to these set of guidelines will render your images unacceptable. Therefore, they will not be posted on the site along with your product listing. If you are a buyer and you are presented with two similar product listings, you will most likely go for the one that shows you nice and crisp images.
  • Have a set of photos for each of your products. Amazon can accommodate up to seven to nine images per product. Prioritize the sequence of images on your product listing. Also, show as much angle of the product as possible so it can translate to better sales conversions in the future.
  • You may also include some offer level images that will be shown on your product pages. This will help customers differentiate your offer.

Advertise your products well.

Whether you are just starting out in the industry or you have already established various Amazon stores during the past few years, there is one main goal to be successful. That is, to increase your sales over time. An increase in sales will mean that more people are expressing the desire to connect with your brand even more ( This also means more reviews for your products and increased interactions with your target market.

Fortunately, there are a lot of strategies that can help you improve on your sales once you release your products in the market:

  • Make the product and the pricing more competitive than those of the other similar stores on Amazon. This does not only mean that you have to lower the price of your products as much as possible. More importantly, your target market should be getting the most of the money they spent in buying your products.
  • Consider having an automated set of listings. Also, make it a point to invest in at least one professional merchant subscription.
  • Practice good on-page optimization for your Amazon store. This means that you still have to nicely develop the product descriptions, in the same way, you do with search engine optimization. Use keywords as much as possible. Use a combination of short-tail and long-tail keywords for an increased chance of your product getting noticed by the buyer.
  • If you are having a hard time looking for the right keywords to use, you may perform reverse ASIN search. This means that you will check out the keywords that are closely related to your niche. Look for the keywords with a high number of site searches. This means that the customers will most likely be using the same set of keywords when they access the platform for anything that they need or want to buy.
  • Gather some nice reviews and feedback from your previous buyer. This is where the importance of providing efficient service and good customer-seller rapport enters the picture. You should not ignore this point because this can dictate how many future buyers will be willing to order online from you based on the reviews that they see on your product listing.

It is not yet too late to join the cause of reaching out to customers. There are a lot of ways in which you can make this work. Just make sure that you will do everything in your power to put in the necessary work not only to get your basic sales across but also to ensure that you will provide excellent service for your target market through the products that you sell out to them online. At first, this will be a bit difficult, especially if you are starting off with a really low amount of funds. But with the tips mentioned above and some bit of luck, you will surely emerge successful if you hold on to it.

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