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Nice to Haves During Launch

Sponsored Ads

As you receive more reviews with follow up email campaigns, you are also increasing your organic ranking for your main keywords. All of these contribute to increasing more sales. Another successful strategy during product launch is running sponsored advertisements known as Amazon PPC. This is very essential in improving your sales quickly such as running Amazon sponsored ads throughout the lifetime of your product.

With a lower-end budget for sponsored ads, you may assume that you are paying $10 per day to run sponsored ad campaigns.

Instead of treating it as an additional cost, cutting down your total budget, see it as an investment. In fact, paid campaigns under Amazon’s platform is very much attainable. You can search online for excellent resources on how to setup and manage your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Total Sponsored Ads Cost: $300 per month

Registered Trademark

Amazon recently updated its Brand Registry Program to its newest version May 2017. With its new policies, Amazon no longer allows the old Brand Registry to be in effect. Private label brand owners are now required to have a Registered Trademark for them to be included in the Brand Registry. This only means that you have to get your Trademark approved before you can access the features of the Brand Registry.

For individuals who are just starting selling on Amazon, you have two options:

  • You can launch your product without the trademark or brand registry and later on evaluate your sale performance. You may start working on having a registered trademark once the sales start coming in. 
  • You may start working on your trademark from the star since they typically take 9 – 12 months to be completed fully completed by the Trademark Office.

When applying for your Trademark and when you are creating your brand, make sure to do your research beforehand to avoid any infringement or legal liability.

So, how much would applying for a Trademark cost you? You should set aside $350 for a trademark.

Total Trademark Cost: $350 one time

Things That Are Not Necessary In Order To Launch


You can hire or pay for a graphic designer to do your logos, packaging design, product inserts, and infographics. Graphic designers have different rates, so it can greatly range depending on the level of professional you get. Your brand deserves the best, so do not go with the cheapest option on this step.

We are going to assume that we will commission a designer for $300 to fulfill all designing work and make our product look even better.

Total Design Cost: $300

Product Images

Let’s admit that product photographs or images with high resolution and high quality has the edge in terms of visual appeal. Since competition is high, especially on Amazon, it is very critical to make your products stand out from your competitors. When consumers see that you have beautiful and high-quality product photos, they will be encouraged and enticed to click on your products. Most consumers shop based on photos, so your product photos will be the a key to your success.

So, if you want your products to be put in shopping cart, make those product images as appealing as possible.

Here are some tips for any product photography, may it be your professional camera or just your smartphone:

  • Take photos with ample light to capture every detail of your product
  • White background will always be the best choice especially for your primary image
  • To meet Amazon’s minimum requirement, at least the image should be 1000 pixels wide.
  • Take photos were the product is in use to highlight differences and functionalities

You can get a professional photographer and editor to do this at around $50 per image. Assuming that you need 7 images, that may cost you around $350.

Total Design Cost: $350

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