By Freedom Shark | June 15, 2018 | Amazon 

A damaging report accuses Amazon of making massive profits while laborers in a factory in China work in abhorrent conditions for illegal wages.


A 94-page report by New York-based China Labor Watch cited excessive hours, low wages, inadequate training and an overreliance on temporary workers in violation of Chinese law at a Foxconn plant in Hunan province, which makes Echo Dot smart speakers and Kindle e-readers. Foxconn, which also makes Apple’s iPhones, said that it is immediately conducting an investigation. Amazon offered a tepid response, saying, “We immediately requested a corrective action plan from Foxconn.”

Whole Foods CEO says he’s ‘not afraid to get fired’ over disagreements with Amazon

The Verge

Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey alluded to recurring tensions between the supermarket chain and parent company Amazon during a …

Amazon home insurance could be on the horizon, but experts are skeptical of benefit to consumers


Amazon may be expanding its insurance game: After working on a project to disrupt health insurance, the tech giant is considering offering home …

The banking industry continues to worry about Amazon’s potential entrance into the field.

Fast Company

Fast Company takes a look at the history of Amazon’s attempts to enter financial services and what the industry could learn from it.

Microsoft is developing technology that would eliminate cashiers and checkout lines from stores.


The technology, which takes aim at Amazon Go, would track what shoppers add to their carts.

Walmart Joins Target Selling Private-Label Wine

The Street

That’s at least $6 more than Walmart’s cheapest offerings. Walmart’s Winemaker’s Selection wines sell for between $10 and $16 and come from Italy, …

Competing Against Amazon Is An Infinite Game


Former executive Brittain Ladd has been remarkably prescient and outspoken on what companies need to do to compete in the age of …

Bonobos Founder Andy Dunn On Being Bought By Walmart


Bonobos Founder Andy Dunn On Being Bought By Walmart … Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos, gets grilled on getting bought by Walmart and why he …

Amazon has already begun automating its white-collar jobs


Algorithms have usurped Amazon’s retail decision-makers. The e-commerce company once relied on humans to predict the demand for certain products, …

Etsy’s continued success shows that Amazon is not able to destroy all of its competition.

The Street

The vintage and craft goods marketplace posted a 26 percent gain on Thursday after announcing that it’s hiking transaction fees.

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